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V5 Powder

By Species: Aquaculture

By Therapeutic Segments: Environment Care Products for Aquaculture use

V5 Powder picture

Complete solution for Pond managment

Nutirtional Value:
Each 1 kg contains: 5 Strains of mircobial elements fortified with natural HSCAS compounds

1.Maintains Algal Bloom
2.Absorbs toxic gases
3.Improves survival rate
4.Increases dissolved oxygen content
5.Maintains water quality and water colour
6.Balances pH, water quality & alkalinity

Add 1 kg of V5 in 20 litres of water and
activate with aerator for 1-2 hrs. and
then sprinkle it in one hectare of pond
To be repeated after every 15 days at
different sites.

1 kg pack