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By Species: Dairy Cattle & Buffalo

By Therapeutic Segments: Hormones

TRIU-B picture

Progesterone Impregnated intra-vaginal device

For heat induction and heat synchronization in cattle.

Composition :

Each device comprises of 3 medicated rings (green colour) containing Progesterone IP 186 mg each and one additional ring (pink colour) with Progesterone IP 400 mg.

Indications :

  • Synchronisation of oestrus
  • Control of heat in heifers, cows and female buffaloes
  • Treatment of of post-partum anovulatory anoestrum in non cycling animals

Dosage and Route of administration :

Place the device inside the applicator tube. Insert the applicator tube into vagina.

Expel the device in vagina and the applicator.

Presentation :

10 units / carton