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HITEK Powder

By Species: Aquaculture

By Therapeutic Segments: Anthelmentics

HITEK Powder picture

Note: For information of Doctors, hospitals and Registered Medical practitioners.

A broad spectrum
Ectoparasiticide for fish


Ivermectin IP

1% w/w



For the treatment and control of all
stages of external parasites in fish
including gill parasites and gill

Direction for use
Mix 200-250 g of HITEK Powder
thoroughly with 50 kg of bran to make a
premix. Remix this premix thoroughly
with 1 ton of feed before feeding.
10 gms of HITEK Powder for 1 ton of live fish
Use continuously for 4 days.
Repeat after every 3 months or
depending on the severity of infection.

1 kg (100 g x 10 packs)