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By Species: Dairy Cattle & Buffalo, Poultry

By Therapeutic Segments: Ectoparasiticies

CLINAR Liquid picture

Note: For information of Doctors, hospitals and Registered Medical practitioners.

High Potency Ectoparsiticide

Cypermethrin High-Cis - 10% w/v

For control and treatment of Ectoparasites like Ticks,
Mites,Lice and Flies.

Large Animals

add 1 - 2 ml Clinar Liquid in 1 litre of water and apply the 
prepared solution thoroughly on the animal body.

In cases of heavy infestation,it is desirable to repeat 
application after 1 hour.

For effective control add 20 ml Clinar liquid in 5 litre of water 
and spray this highly concentrated solution in the cattle sheds 
especially in the cracks and crevices.

In highly infested areas it is advisable to repeat the application
after one week.

Mix 3 ml to 5 ml per litreof water and spray as an aerosol in
the sheds and surroundings to control flies.

5 ml, 15 ml, 50 ml and 1 litre Aluminium bottles.