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CLINAR Pet Shampoo

By Species: Dogs & Cats

By Therapeutic Segments: Topical Products for Skin, Eye &Ear

CLINAR Pet Shampoo picture

Note: For information of Doctors, hospitals and Registered Medical practitioners.

pH Balanced Anti-tick shampoo for dogs

Cypermethrin - 1% w/w
In shampoo base

To keep pets free from Ticks, Lice, Fleas and Mites

Directions for use
Wet the coat thoroughly with water. Apply
sufficient quantity of Clinar Pet into the coat of the affected areas
avoiding eyes and ears. Work into get rich lather by massaging well into the skin, especially the affected areas.Allow Clinar Pet to be in contact with skin for
5 to 10 minutes. Rinse the coat thoroughly with clean water , two to
three times.Repeat treatment after a week or as directed by the Veterinarian.

100 ml bottle