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By Species: Dogs & Cats

By Therapeutic Segments: Topical Products for Skin, Eye &Ear

EPISOOTHE Shampoo picture

Oatmeal & chitosanide shampoo with anti-adhesive & anti-irritant properties. With green apple fragrance 

Oatmeal & Chitosanide

Direction for use:
Wet the hair coat with warm water and apply a sufficient
amount of shampoo to create a rich lather. Massage shampoo
into wet hair coat, lather freely. Allow to remain on hair for
5-10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean water.Rinse and repeat.
May be used regularly or as directed by veterinarian.


Episoothe shampoo contains a natural oat grain derivative and is designed for soothing,cleansing and avoiding mild itch of dry and sensitive skin for dogs,cats and horses of any age.

Oatmeal : Acts as skin care agent by removing dry flakes and avoiding itchy skin,cleanses moiturizes ,sooths and softens the skin.

Anti-adhesive glycotechnology: Utilizes a unique combination of monosaccharides and an alkylpolyglucoside that reduces bacterial and yeast adhesion to the stratum corneum.

Chitosanide : A natural biopolymer creates a protective film on the skin and hair coat.

200 ml bottle