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By Species: Dairy Cattle & Buffalo, Sheep & Goat

By Therapeutic Segments: Nutritional Feed Supplements

Balansol picture

Nutritive Value:

Nutritive elements in Balansol helps to maintain normal intestinal function




•Helps to maintain normal intestinal& digestive function.

• Support Intestinal Immunity thus helps to maintain intestinal health.

• Helps to maintain consistency of dung or stool.

• Easy to Prepare, dispersible in water

• Vanilla flavour to facilitate rapid and complete intake.

Suggestive Usage

Dissolve 100 gm sachet in 2 litre of warm water.

Cattle & Buffalo – 2-4 litre of prepared solution at 12 hours interval.

Sheep & Goat – 1-2 litre of prepared solution at 12 hours interval