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Equmin powder

By Species: Horse

By Therapeutic Segments: Nutritional Feed Supplements

Equmin  powder picture

EQUIMIN powder: special nutrition for champion horses

Nutrition value per 100 gram:

Calcium                                               13000mg

Phosphorus                                          9500 mg

Sulphur                                                5100 mg

Iron                                                      138 mg

Zinc                                                      215 mg

Copper                                                  60 mg

Manganese                                            92 mg

Iodine                                                    7 mg

L-Lysine monohydrochloride              14900 mg

Vitamin A                                          18000 IU

Vitamin D3                                         2300 IU

Vitamin E                                           600 mg

Biotin                                                   1 mg

Keep horses healthy

Build strong muscles
Improves growth rate
Improves fertility

Improves performance of racing horses

Improve immune status of horses




Feeding Advice:
For regular maintenance:        100 gm daily

For growth in foals and fillies   150 gm daily

For racing Horses                   150 gm daily

Pregnant mares                     150 gm daily