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By Species: Poultry

By Therapeutic Segments: Nutritional Feed Supplements

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Highly concentrated soluble vitamins, amino acids with lysine to optimize growth and productivity


Nutritional Value per Litre

Vitamin A                                  120,00,000 I.U.

(as Vitamin A Palmitate)

Vitamin D3                                   32,00,000 I.U.

Vitamin E                                           3,200 I.U.

Vitamin C                                           4,000 mg

Calcium Pantothenate                          4,000 mg

Vitamin B1                                          2,000 mg

Vitamin B6                                          1,200 mg

Vitamin K3                                             800 mg

Sorbic Acid                                        3,000 mg

Methionine                                       19,000 mg

Lysine HCl                                            500 mg

Arginine HCl                                          500 mg


Retarded or poor growth, muscle problem, lameness, nervous problems, post antibiotic treatment, poor feathering, reproduction problems in breeders


  • Supplement of vitamins & amino acids in poultry nutrition
  • Supports requirement of critical nutrients during critical periods e.g. change in diet, infectious or parasitic infestation and during convalescence
  • Helps to maintain growth and production
  • Helps to maintain immunity in birds

Feeding Advice

Chicks              : 5 ml/100 birds

Growers                        : 10 ml/100 birds

Finishers/Layers            : 15 ml/100 birds



1 Ltr Bottle