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Virbac India Has launched new product - Canitone Jr.


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Just as our needs and requirements vary at different stages of life…the same is applicable to pets! 

Understanding that Different stages of Life, calls for Specific Nutritional Needs, Canitone Jr. and Canitone Tablets have been introduced to meet the specific nutritional needs of a pup and adult dog.

Canitone Jr. is a synergistic nutritional formulation to support growth and development in pups during the most active stage of life. Amongst the other vital vitamins & minerals present, the unique inclusion of Iodine helps support the normal functioning of the thyroid gland for optimal growth & development. Canitone Jr. is available in a palatable strawberry liquid form that can be easily mixed with the pup’s food.

Canitone Tablets is primarily designed to support bone health during adulthood and especially during the crucial stage of pregnancy and lactation when the demand increases substantially. In addition to Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D3, a vital ingredient present is Magnesium that supports the uptake of Calcium and Phosphorus and helps in cartilage synthesis.

Enhanced with Virbac’s unique Palatab ingredient, the acceptance of Canitone Tablets by pets is excellent.

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