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Virbac India launched new supplement for management of skin conditions for dogs and cats


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Virbac launched an innovative product Vitabest Derm for skin conditions in dogs and cats

Vitabest Derm is a synergistic trio comprising of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids along with Zinc that supports skin restoration. Vitabest Derm is additionally enhanced with Vitamins A & E that are powerful antioxidants and are also integral to normal cellular metabolism and epidermal growth.

Skin challenges in pets are a primary concern and successfully treating and managing the skin condition is of paramount importance. The formulation of Vitabest Derm is aimed at restoring the integrity of the epithelial barrier in existing dermatological challenges and further in helping to maintain skin health and a lustrous coat for long term management.

What makes Vitabest Derm unique and stand apart is that the formulation designed, is one that is scientific and clinically proven. The proven crucial 5:1 ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids in Vitabest Derm along with the right form of Omega-3 fatty acids present i.e EPA & DHA forms boosts the metabolism of the Omega-6 pathway which is absolutely vital for skin health, however at the same time curbing the pro-inflammatory impact of Arachidonic acid.

Thus Vitabest Derm is an ideal, extremely palatable and proven liquid supplement to support and maintain skin health in pets!

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