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At Virbac people move our business forward as much as our business helps move people forward.

We believe that freedom of expression, autonomy, and accountability are essential to each individual's personal development and for our success. We know that the future depends on our capacity to innovate, invent, propose........ to take action. This is why we are looking for candidates willing to take up challenges and being confident in their abilities. Our "Employer Value Proposition" is based on three pillars.

"Continuous Development"

"Innovative thinking dedicated to animal health"

And "People Centric" 

If you believe you are our ideal candidate then get ready to Take your Talent into new territories and apply now to work at Virbac India.

Below are the current vacant positions within our teams if you wish to apply for a role please review the position details and submit your cover letter and resume to

List of Vacancies

Alternatively, if there are no vacant positions matching your criteria please send your resume to