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Your pet needs a healthy and balanced diet to remain fit and healthy. It needs a high protein, low carbohydrate diet composition which fits with its carnivorous needs.

VETERINARY HPM<sup></sup> pet food range
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WHY CHOOSE Veterinary HPM® pet food?
  • High protein formula with 90% animal protein (1st ingredient) and low carbohydrate content
  • High palatability
  • Kibbles made in France
  • Kibbles without gluten, colouring or artificial flavouring added
  • High quality health ingredients selected by nutritionist veterinaries
  • Health benefits: beautiful skin and coat, high digestive tolerance, weight control, urinary health.
Nutrition is key to their health
  • As with humans, dog and cat health begins with nutrition.
  • It's an essential part of our overall approach to the health of our pets.
  • The veterinary practitioner is our essential partner.

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Respecting their carnivorous nature
  • Despite their domestication, dogs and cats remain carnivores.
  • Their diet must take into account their nutritional needs, specific to their anatomy and physiology.
  • A diet that favours animal proteins corresponds to their taste and naturally provides them all essential nutrients for optimum comfort and quality of life.

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A Diet for each and every pet
  • Because each animal is unique, its diet must be adapted to its specific nutritional needs
  • It is essential to choose a food adapted to its age, size and physiological stage
  • For good care when it's ill, you must take into account its new needs and adopt a dietetic food

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