Virbac Spirit

The Virbac Spirit relies on five basic values, shared by all, on all five components.


In a market where technology has a determinant role, innovation must constantly support the offering of new products and services, and more generally the entire approach to client service.

Market Driven

The satisfaction of clients’ needs – veterinarians, as well as animal owners and professionals in distribution and the agrifood area – dictates a strategy of innovation and the structure of the Virbac range of products and services.


The entrepreneurial spirit, speedy decision-making, and execution associated with the constant striving for quality and professionalism are encouraged and enhanced in all the Group’s functional and geographic units.


The search for motivation and accountability for every individual is expressed by a concern for making decisions at the most relevant levels of the organization and developing individual skills.


The ability to set up, mobilize and make talented multidisciplinary international teams work together efficiently is the most determinant factor in Virbac’s performance worldwide.