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The 'safety' tips for applying a pest control to a bovine

Prepare the cattle

Deworming is common in breeding (cattle and sheep). Simple gestures and adapted equipment allow you to work safely.

Accurate evaluation of the weight of the animals is necessary to define the volume of drug to be administered and to avoid under dosing. The restraining of cattle by means of an adapted device (corridor of contention for example) is also recommended to limit the risks of accidents related to the animals. These must have a clean and dry coat to promote the effectiveness of pour-on specialties.

Prepare the material

If the animal preparation is important, that of the material is just as important:

  • Equip yourself with protective clothing (gloves, long sleeves…)

  • Choose a dosing / administration device adapted to the volume to be administered

  • Check the functionality and cleanliness of the applicator gun

  • Make sure the entire device is waterproof


The FarmpackTM Bag is a safe, practical and ergonomic pest control product delivery tool. Rigid shell, leak-proof connection device, hands-free are all assets to guarantee the safety of the user. Launched in 2014, the FarmpackTM Bag has already attracted thousands of breeders.

Apply the product

For a good application, distribute the requires dose on the dorso-lumbar line, from the withers to the base of the tail, without interruption.

Do not forget

  • Respect the prescription of your vet.

  • Identify the animals treated and fill in the waiting times in the health log.

  • Check the functionality of the drinkers.

  • Clean and lubricate the gun before storing.


Ask your veterinarian for advice.