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How to wash my horse and take care of his skin?

The skin of the horse

Skin and hair are the mirrors of the health of a horse. How to protect this pearl that is the coat of the horse? What to do if it has lost its luster?

A horse’s skin represents between 5 and 10 square meters depending on his size. The horses’ largest organ is subject to all kinds of influences, internal and external, which can upset its balance.

The skin is indeed the prey of all kinds of infectious diseases.

These are not usually fatal, but they can cause discomfort in the horse, especially when they are accompanied by itching.

Moreover, being visible by nature, skin problems can give the impression of negligence on the part of the owner, or even make the horse unusable, hence the importance of rapid care.

The symptoms of the different conditions being substantially the same, it is essential not to implement a therapeutic care without the advice of your veterinarian.

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