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What are the problems encountered by birds during breeding?

Egg retention “spawning”

This problem is very common, and the causes are often deficiencies: lack of calcium and vitamin E, among others. However, obesity, stress, unsuitable environmental conditions, infections… can also be the cause of spawning disease.

The symptoms that must alert you are primarily an apathetic female, tired and unable to stand perched. She will make abnormal tail movements, may have diarrhea. It will be necessary to quickly consult your vet who will take care of your bird.

Prophylaxis begins with the establishment of a suitable living environment (cage, nest, location), a diversified diet with seeds and fruits, and a good supplementation of vitamin E and minerals with a good phosphocalcic ratio.

“Clear eggs”

“Clear eggs” are eggs that have not been fertilized. This often results from a poor ‘hormonal’ synchronization of the male and the female. However, an unsuitable living environment and an unbalanced diet with deficiencies in vitamin E are also to be taken into consideration. Supplementation before and during the breeding season, with suitable complementary food (vitamin E intake) will promote successful egg fertilization.