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Senior cat ; What nutritional needs for my senior cat?

The adult cat’s diet

More than 80% of adult cats are neutered. Sterilization can predispose to the appearance of 2 major risks: overweight (which can itself promote the development of diabetes mellitus) and lower urinary tract diseases.

To keep your cat healthy, it is highly recommended to keep an eye on his weight and to make sure he drinks enough.

A cat is a strict carnivore by nature: he needs a large amount of protein. It is even more the case for a neutered cat. If you must ration out your cat, to keep him in good shape, a very high protein diet will allow him to keep his weight without losing muscular mass. Proteins of animal origin will ensure an optimal coverage of amino acids.

Neutered cats are often subject to cystitis or urinary stones.

Always take your cat’s difficulty in urinating seriously. In the case of complete obstruction of the lower urinary tract (e.g.: when a stone blocks the urethra and prevents the urine from being eliminated), the cat’s health deteriorates rapidly if the treatment doesn’t intervene quickly enough. The cat remains prostrate, does not eat anymore, dehydrates and this evolution can be quickly fatal: a visit to the vet is necessary.

The consumption of water in sufficient quantity is beneficial for maintaining the good urinary health of the cat.

In addition, a good quality diet will have a beneficial effect on the coat as well as on the stool (reduced volume, firm stool…).

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