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BALANSOL™ Digestive Dairy Cattle Feed Supplements helps to maintain normal intestinal function

BALANSOL™ Powder ensures the maintenance of normal intestinal functions and consistency of stool or dung.

  • Cattle

WHAT IS BalansolTM Powder?

BALANSOL™ Powder aids in maintaining the consistency of dung or stool and ensures normal intestinal functions. With its innovative balancing solution, BALANSOL™ maintains overall intestinal health.

RECOMMENDED FOR Doctors, hospitals and Registered Medical Practitioners.


WHY CHOOSE BalansolTM Powder?

BALANSOL™ Powder aids normal intestinal function with its innovative formula for intestinal health. The nutritive elements in BALANSOL™ help to relieve chronic diarrhea in cattle.

Features Facts

  • Helps in maintaining normal intestinal & digestive function.
  • Support Intestinal Immunity thus helps to maintain intestinal health.
  • Helps in maintaining dung or stool consistency.
  • Helps in cattle and calf diarrhea treatment.
  • Easy to prepare, dispersible in water.
  • Vanilla flavour to facilitate rapid and complete intake.
  • Act as probiotics for dairy cows and calves.


Add the contents of the sachet (100 g) into 2 liters of lukewarm water and mix thoroughly.
Cattle & Buffalo: 2-4 litres of prepared liquid at 12 hours interval.
Sheep & Goat: 1-2 liters of prepared liquid at 12 hours interval.
Store at room temperature in a dry place.


Sachet of 100 g in a box of 10 Sachets.

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