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Utrevive™ Liquid

Utrevive™ Liquid Helps in removal of placenta and revival of uterus

  • Cattle

WHAT IS Utrevive™ Liquid?

Utrevive™ Liquid maintain Uterine Health Aids in reviving new Estrous cycle.

RECOMMENDED FOR  Doctors, hospitals and Registered Medical Practitioners.

WHY CHOOSE Utrevive™ Liquid?

Utrevive™ Liquid Ensures complete revival of the uterus and helps to restore uterine lining. It prevents infection and inflammation.


Empowered with Herbs with Ecbolic Effect


• Enhances uterine contractions leading to complete removal of placenta and uterine debris just after calving.
• Restores uterine lining & mass prevents infection and inflammation.


Cleaning of uterus Just after calving:

Cattle/Buffalo- 100ml twice a day for 5 days OR 200ml once for 5 days.
Sheep and Goat- 40ml twice a day for 5 days OR as directed by the Veterinarian

Retention of Placenta:

Cattle/Buffalo- 100 ml after every 3-4 hours interval until complete expulsion of the placenta.
Sheep and Goat- 40 ml after every 3-4 hours until complete expulsion of placenta OR as directed by the Veterinarian.


500 ml & 1 litre Pack

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