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Zoletil™ – A synergistic, 2-in-1, injectable anaesthetic

A veterinary exclusive, anaesthetic duo for dogs, cats and wildlife species

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Wildlife

What is Zoletil™ 50?

Zoletil™ 50 comprises of a synergistic balance between Tiletamine & Zolazepam. Tiletamine – a dissociative anaesthetic, is known for its higher potency as compared to Ketamine. Zolazepam – a benzodiazepine tranquilizer, is known to cause least CNS depression amongst the benzodiazepines group of drugs.

Recommended for

- As a sedative (for restraint, diagnostic or painless examination procedures)

- As a sole anaesthetic for minor surgeries or in combination with a potent analgesic for major surgeries

- As an induction agent, prior to inhalant anaesthesia

Why Choose Zoletil™ 50?

With 2 proven ingredients, Zoletil™ 50 is a smart option for general anaesthesia combining sedation, muscle relaxation, and analgesia in dogs and cats.

Zoletil™ 50 offers peace of mind owing to its rapid onset of action, the smooth recovery process, and the wide safety margin.  With the use of Zoletil™ 50 comes the convenience of flexible dosing based on the procedure to be conducted, multiple modes of administration – IV or IM and the possibility to integrate Zoletil™ 50 in existing anaesthetic protocols.

In addition to the 30 years of experience with Zoletil™ 50 in small animal practice, Zoletil™ 50 has the versatility and scientific recognition in a plethora of wildlife species.


One vial of 675 mg freeze-dried powder contains:

Tiletamine (as Hydrochloride)       125 mg

Zolazepam (as Hydrochloride)       125 mg

Excipients                                     qs



Sterile Water for lnjections lP       5 ml



Tiletamine (as Hydrochloride)          25 mg

Zolazepam (as Hydrochloride)          25 mg


In Dogs

Intramuscular route

Intravenous route

Tests and procedures causing little pain

7 to 10 mg/kg BW

5 mg/kg BW

Minor surgical procedures, anaesthesia of short duration

10 to 15 mg/kg BW

7.5 mg/kg BW

Painful intervention, major surgical procedures

15 to 25 mg/kg BW

10 mg/kg BW


In Cats

Intramuscular route

Intravenous route

Tests and procedures causing little pain

10 mg/kg BW

5 mg/kg BW


15 mg/kg BW

7.5 mg/kg BW

Multiple administrations to be avoided and is associated with delayed recovery, but if given, re-administration should only be at 1/3 to ½ of the initial dose, but the total dosage is should not exceed 26.4 mg/kg.


Prior to opening store in a cool & dry place, protect from exposure to light. Post-re-constitution store at 2 to 8°C and use within 24 hours.


  • 12 hours of fasting prior to anaesthesia
  • Removal of anti-parasite collars 24 hours prior to anaesthesia
  • Anticholinergic drugs (such as Atropine) may be used 15 mins. prior to Zoletil™ administration
  • Apneustic breathing may be observed in cats given in IV mode. This abnormality may last for up to 15 mins & then breathing returns to normal. If not, respiratory assistance needs to be provided.
  • Eyes remain open and hence should be protected from excessive dryness (especially in major surgeries, a damp cloth can be placed upon the eyes)
  • Animal to be placed in a calm environment during the recovery phase


  • Cardiac disease or severe hypertension; respiratory disease; renal, pancreatic and hepatic insufficiency; head trauma or intracranial tumors
  • Caesarean section or in pregnant bitches and queens
  • In conjunction with phenothiazine tranquilizers

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