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By Species: Dairy Cattle & Buffalo, Poultry, Sheep & Goat

By Therapeutic Segments: Tonics

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Note: For information of Doctors, hospitals and Registered Medical practitioners.

Tonic of Liver extract and Yeast xtract

Each 10 ml (two teaspoonfuls) contains
1.25 g of Liver fraction 1 (Soluble Liver
fraction from 31.25 g of fresh liver)
with Vitamin B12 activity equivalent to
7.5 mcg of cyanocobalamin

Yeast Extract


0.4 g

Nicotinic Acid IP


24 mg

Alcohol IP


1 ml

Alcohol content


9.4% v/v

Broilers -For faster weight gain Growers
Layers-For early peak production

Broilers & Layers
Supplementary treatment of Afatoxicosis.Mycotoxicosis and Fatty liver Syndrome.

Anorexia,Indigestion and Liver disorders

Sheep & Goat
Anorexia ,indigestion and Liver disorders To more weight gain.

Large Animals- 40-60 ml for 3 days
Small Animals- 10 ml for 4 days
Dogs and Cats- 5-10 ml twice daily

Broilers: 10-20 ml daily for 100 birds from 3rd to 4th week
Layers:20 ml/100 birds daily for 7 days during 16th-18th week of age.
20 ml/100 birds daily for 7 days during 32nd-34th week of age.

Sheep & Goat
10 ml for 5 days

Bottle of 120 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml & Jar of
2 lit & 5 lit