Virbac launched its globally acclaimed pet food range – Veterinary HPM, in India on 12th March 2023. Virbac’s hyper premium physiology range designed for healthy dogs and cats is now available in leading veterinary clinics and key pet shops across 8 cities of India, namely, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata and Pune.

With the launch of this pet food range, Virbac further re-iterates its strong association with veterinarians, since veterinarian recommendation will be at the helm of the brand forging ahead. 
Veterinary HPM is nutrition that is specially formulated to respect a dog and cat’s natural preferences. Dogs and cats are carnivores! This is why Veterinary HPM’s range of low carb-high protein formula, is perfectly suited to the needs of a carnivore. This revolutionary pet food range has additionally incorporated into its formula precisely studied selection of functional ingredients that targets ten major preventative areas such as body and weight control, skin and coat care, urinary health, digestive safety, etc. With excellent palatability, high quality animal protein and free from most common allergens such as gluten, maize, etc., Veterinary HPM is all set to take the Indian pet food market by storm!