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AGRIMIN® FORTE - Feed Supplement of Vitamins & Minerals

AGRIMIN® FORTE is a feed supplement fortified with Minerals and Vitamins that helps in maintaining fertility, growth rate, and overall health of the cattle.

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WHAT IS AGRIMIN® Forte Powder?

AGRIMIN® FORTE Powder is a high-quality and powerful mineral and vitamin supplement.

RECOMMENDED FOR Veterinarians, hospitals, and Registered Veterinary Practitioners.




AGRIMIN® FORTE is a high-quality mineral feed additive for dairy cattle that improves cattle fertility. It improves the reproductive health of cattle and helps to maintain pregnancy.

Features Facts

  • Ensures good reproductive health
  • Improve the conception rate
  • Ensures a healthy pregnancy
  • Improves the growth rate
  • Improves the skin and coat


Nutritional Value per kg

Vitamin A - 7,00,000 IU
Vitamin D3 - 70,000 IU

Zinc - 9600 mg
Magnesium - 6000 mg

Manganese - 1500 mg
Iron - 1500 mg

Copper - 1200 mg

Nicotinamide - 1000 mg

Iodine - 325 mg
Vitamin E - 250 mg
DL-Methionine – 1000mg
Cobalt - 150 mg
Potassium - 100 mg
Sodium - 5.9 mg

Calcium - 25.5%

Phosphorus - 12.75%

Sulphur - 0.72%


Mix 1-2 kg Cattle Feed in 100 kg of Feed


For Regular supplementation
Cattle & Buffalo- 50gm daily to be mixed in the feed for maintenance
Calf- 25-30 g per day to be mixed in the feed for better weight gain and maintenance


Agrimin Forte 1kg, Agrimin Forte 5 kg & 20 kg bag

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