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Liver Supplements for Sheep


BROTONE® S Liquid is a liver tonic for sheep and goats

Brotone® S - liver supplement fortified with vitamins and yeast.

Brotone S Liver Supplement for Sheeps and Goats
  • Sheep and Goat

WHAT IS Brotone® Liquid?

Brotone® S Liquid is a liver supplement fortified with vitamins and yeast. It facilitates the strengthening of the liver, cures any liver-related illnesses and improves the overall health of the liver.

RECOMMENDED FOR Doctors, hospitals and Registered Medical Practitioners.


The liver is one of the most crucial organs of the body. It not only facilitates metabolism but also cleans up the toxins from the body. Even though the self-repair feature of the liver maintains its health, the constant passage of toxins is likely to cause damage to the liver. A strong nutritional supplement will ensure that the liver does its job seamlessly.

Virbac’s BROTONE® S has combined the essential elements to create a healthy and flourishing environment for the liver. The liver tonic is reinforced with yeast and vitamins and helps to protect the liver, cure the liver-linked illnesses, and enhance the total health of the liver. 

Features Facts 

  • Rejuvenate & Regenerate Cells
  • Activated Cells
  • Secretes digestive juices
  • Improves digestion & absorption
  • Increased body weight


Each 10 ml (two teaspoonfuls) contains:

1.25 g of Liver Fraction derived from 31.25 g of fresh liver.

Yeast Extract – 0.4 g

Nicotinic Acid IP – 24 mg

Ethanol (95 per cent) IP – 1 ml

Alcohol content – 9.4% v/v


For Sheep & Goat 5-10 ml daily


1 Litre & 4 Litre

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