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CALGOPHOS® nutritional supplement of highly bioavailable minerals.

CALGOPHOS® nutritional supplement of highly bioavailable minerals

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CALGOPHOS® nutritional supplement of highly bioavailable minerals.

RECOMMENDED FOR Doctors, hospitals and Registered Medical Practitioners.


CALGOPHOS® Mineral & Trace Elements Oral solution for Shrimp & Fish.

During the growing period, species of crustaceans have to change frequently their hard outer layer for growing. So, mineral and trace- element is on great demand to create a new outer layer and make it's rigid and bright. With high mineral and trace element extract content, easily absorbed into the body, CALGOPHOS® is the best choice to satisfy shrimp exuviation.

Features Facts

  • Accelerates the exuviation cycle of shrimp.
  • Makes the outer layer rigid & bright.
  • Enhances shrimp’s resistance against infection and stress.
  • Increases productivity of cultured shrimps.
  • Maintains water quality in good conditions, especially pH.
  • Provides higher bioavailability of minerals in intestine.


Mix 5ml CALGOPHOS® into 1 kg of feed, keeps in 30 minutes before feeding. Apply CALGOPHOS® continuously during the culture period.

To increase the productivity quickly, mix 10ml CALGOPHOS® into 1kg of feed in 3-5 days before harvesting.


1 L Jar, 4 L Jar

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