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GLYSOMIX™ Powder - mixture of toxin binder, sea weed extract and minerals for use in aquatic feed

GLYSOMIX™ Powder helps to bind harmful toxins in shrimp gut and helps to maintain survivability and growth

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WHAT IS GlysomixTM Powder?

GlysomixTM Powder helps to bind harmful toxins in shrimp gut and thus helps to maintain survivability and growth

Supplement For Aquaculture Use

WHY CHOOSE GlysomixTM Powder?

GLYSOMIXTM Powder Helps to bind harmful toxins in shrimp gut and thus helps to maintain survivability and growth

Features Facts

  • Helps to maintain the survival rate

  • Helps to maintain resistance against infection by supporting the immune system

  • Helps to reduce mortality due to bacterial infection

  • Provides nutrition to shrimp thus helps to reduce stress


Prawn & Fish: 2-4 gm per kg feed


500 gm HDPF pack

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