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Welcoming a puppy or a kitten in your home: practical tips before your pet’s arrival

Questions to ask yourself before purchase

Adopting a puppy or kitten is an important step that will engage you for many years. A good start is important as it conditions the future relationship. To start well in life with your puppy or your kitten is reasoned prior to the adoption process and therefore before the arrival of the young pet.

Before “giving in”, it is important to ask yourself the right questions, without complacency. Will we have enough time to take care of him, a sufficient budget to cope with current and unexpected care, the living conditions adapted to his development… A pet requires a significant and sustainable investment in all respects.

Good reception conditions

In anticipation of his arrival, it will be necessary to carry out a minimum of shopping (bowl, leash, basket…) to welcome him in good conditions.

A puppy or kitten that arrives in a new home is naturally lost and anxious. He undergoes a radical change of environment, leaves his mother and, more importantly, his siblings, and potentially changes living environments (breeding in the countryside and life in a city for example).

All these changes are disruptive and you will have to help him get through them. For this, you will have to be present and benevolent, offer sources of heat (possibly with hot water bottles), give gentle and friendly contacts.

Contrary to what is often heard, it is possible to keep your puppy or your kitten in your room the first nights to reassure them and avoid further trauma. This practice can help establish a strong bond of attachment with your companion.

Be patient

In both reception and attitude, everything has to be done in order to provide a welcoming and secure environment for the newcomer. All the potentially aversive acts (grooming, bathing, prolonged isolation…) should be postponed.

Learning (cleanliness, education…) will be done gradually and often slowly. With a young animal, patience is always in order.

Better to prevent

A young animal is an explorer in power and so you will have to be careful to keep toxic products under lock. You should also watch out for balconies and other dangerous areas to prevent any accident.