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VITAGRO™ Empower birds with all vitals to grow faster

VITAGRO™ provides highly Concentrated soluble Vitamins & Amino acids supports.It builds immunity - grow healthy.

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VITAGRO™ provides vital to grow. Highly Concentrated soluble Vitamins & Amino acids support. It builds immunity - grow healthy.

RECOMMENDED FOR Doctors, hospitals and Registered Medical Practitioners.


VITAGRO™ provides highly Concentrated soluble Vitamins & Amino acids support. It builds immunity - grow healthy.

Features Facts 

  • 100 % soluble with proven for ease of dilution.
  • high absorption rate.
  • No-precipitation and Fast action.
Nutritional Value : VITAGRO (Each 1000 ml contains:)


Vitamin A as palmitate 12 000 000 I.U.
Vitamin D3 32 00 000 I.U.
Vitamin E 3 200 IU
Calcium pantothenate 4 000mg
Vitamin B1 2 000mg
Vitamin B6 1 200mg
Vitamin K3 800mg
Vitamin C 4 000IU
Sorbic acid 3000mg
Methionine 19 000mg
Lysine HCI 500mg
Arginine HCI 500mg


For broilers and 1 administration per month for 3 days until the laying period

1 ml / 5 L

Beginning of Laying period :

1 ml / 2 L for 3 days the first month.

Every month for maximal production :

1 ml / 5 L for 3 days

Remark: This is a must on the period immediately after the peak of production

Summer Stress :

40 mL / 200 liters drinking water (0.2 mL / liter) for 3 days / week


Helps to improve VITALs deficiency & the symptoms of poor/retarded growth, Muscle problem, Lameness, Nervous problem, Following antibiotic treatment, Feather problems (Breeders)

Suggestive usage

Chicks : - 5 ml/100 birds
Growers: -10 ml/100 birds
Finisher / Layers : -15 ml/100


1 Litre HDPE Bottle with transparent see-through scale convenient to measure liquid.

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