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NILVERM® Powder controls gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodes for sheep and Goat

Nilverm® Powder for deworming of Sheep and Goat. Recommended for gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodes. Nilverm® powder act as immune stimulator for young lamb those have not develop rumen

  • Sheep and Goat

What is Nilverm® Powder?

Nilverm® Powder acts as de-wormer. Levamisole in Nilverm® causes paralysis & complete death of worms. It acts as an immuno-stimulant and traces mineral in Nilverm®.

It has an anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidative property. Optimizes protein synthesis, carbohydrates metabolism & many other biological reasons. Improves production of vitamin B12 by rumen microbes and helps in the digestive supplement for sheep, goats, and swine.

RECOMMENDED FOR Doctors, hospitals and Registered Medical Practitioners.

WHY CHOOSE Nilverm® Powder?

Most popular broad-spectrum anthelmintic for sheep and goat.


Levamisole Hydrochloride IP 15.0 % w/w

equivalent to Levamisole 12.7% w/w

Anhydrous Copper sulphate BP

equivalent to elemental Copper

0.16% w/w

Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate USP

equivalent to elemental Zinc

0.05% w/w

Cobalt Sulphate

equivalent to Cobalt

0.02% w/w


Control and treatment of gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodes.


7.5 mg Levamisole per kg body weight or 2 g Nilverm Powder for an adult Sheep and Goat.


10 g Sachet and 100 g Pack


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