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Weekly Feed Intake and Weight Gain By Broiler Bird

Do you want to make more profit? How Much Feed a broiler eats to attain maximum weight gain ?

Let’s talk for Commercial Broiler Latest strain available in market!!!

Note it carefully that all the results are not based on Poultry Feed it also depend on breed, strain, Poultry farm management and type of nutrients feed.`

 7th Day Bird can gain  4-5  times weight than is First day body weight ( Around 40 Grams) & Feed consumed must be less than 4 times. If Birds Body Weight is 190 Gram then Feed Consumed should be less than 190 Gram.

 14th Day– of broiler’s body weight should not less than 400-500 gram & feed consumption should not be more than 360 gram for particular week. The cumulative feed consumption will be 540 gms. If Feed consumption is higher you are in huge loss.

 21 Day– Cumulative Feed Consumption should around 1115 gram & body weight of broiler should be around 850 gram. Feed consumption for particular week will be 575 gram.

28th day– Bird body weight is around 1400grams & particular week will be 860gram. Cumulative Feed Consumption should be around 1975 grams.

35 days– Bird consumes around 1075 Gram Feed for particular week and Cumulative Feed Consumption should be around 3050 gram. Body weight will be around 1980 Grams. All this may differ as per your farm management & quality of chicks, if drastic difference in feed intake & Body weight is seen cross check your Management and feed.

 42 days– Broiler bird consumes poultry feed around 1355 grams in last week & body weight of average around 2620 gram. Till last week the cumulative feed consumption will be 4405 grams.

Note: Always take advice of professional veterinarian in case of deviation from standard weight gain, feed consumption and disease outbreak.

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