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Weekly Feed Intake and Weight Gain By Broiler Bird

How Much Feed Should Broiler Eat against Body’s Weight ?

 Are we making loss ? Now we are telling how much feed a bird should eat.

 How Much Feed a broiler eat & how much it get weight ?

 I will talk for Commercial Broiler Latest Breed.

 Please note carefully. Also note all the results are not based on Poultry Feed it also depend on breed & Poultry management.


 First Week. Bird can gain  4-4.5  times weight than is First day body weight ( Around 40 Grams) & Feed consumed must be less than 4 times. Mean if Bird Body Weight is 160 Gram & Feed Consumed should be less than 160 Gram.

14th day of broiler’s  body weight should not less than 400-500 gram & Feed consumption should not be more than 450-500 gram. Not more than that. If Feed intake is higher you are in lose.

 Now 21 Day– – Total Average Feed Consumption should be less than 800 gram & body weight of broiler should be around 800 gram.

 28th day- Bird body weight is Around 30 times of its first day weight & Feed consumption should be less than 1900 gram. It also depend on Chicks Quality feed Quality & Poultry management.

35 days– Bird consume around 3100 Gram Feed.  And Body weight 1800-1900 Gram. It may differ as per you management & chicks Quality if more difference in feed intake & Body weigh cross check your Management or other is like Poultry Feed .

 42 days- Broiler bird consume around four kg poultry feed & give weight of average around 2300 gram. It gain 55 +Times of body weight than first day.


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