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Right feed nutrition for poultry

Broiler poultry birds are raised for commercial meat production. They convert foods to meat within a very short period of time. They have a good feed to meat converting ratio. So quality feeding is very important for maintaining a profitable  business. Broilers require more energy and protein in their food.

The main difference between and broiler poultry feed is that ‘broiler poultry needs more nutrient ingredients than layer poultry’. So broiler poultry feed must have to be enriched with highly nutrient ingredients.

You can provide nutritious feed to your broilers by formulating at your home or through purchasing from your nearest market. There are many companies available, who are supplying quality commercial poultry feed for broilers. This type of commercial poultry feeds are suitable for poultry health, and especially designed for broiler poultry. Feed your broiler birds some extra energy enriched food during winter season. Because they require more energy for keeping their body warm during this season. And they get the required energy from foods.

Adequate amount of protein is also very important. Broilers are very fast growing birds, and they require more protein enriched food than layer poultry. And adding adequate amount of protein to broiler poultry feed is the most important and expensive part of broiler feed.

You can add both animal and vegetable protein in their food. Fish meal, meat meal, meat, milk, liver, dried animal blood etc. are great source of animal protein. Various types of corn, vegetables, grains etc. provide required protein for the poultry birds. Also ensure the availability of sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in their food. Add adequate amount of required minerals and Vitamins in their food.

For making balanced food for your poultry birds, you have to mix the feed ingredients in proper ratio. A good chert of nutritious broiler poultry feed is shown below.

Different Aged Broiler
Feed Ingredients Starter (1-4 w) Finisher (4-8 w)
Broken Wheat 47 52
Rice Bran 20 18
Sesame Cake 13 12
Kipper Fish Powder 18 15
Bone Powder 1.25 1
Oyster Shell Powder - 1.25
Salt 0.5 0.5
Primix (Vit & Min) 0.25 0.25
Total 100 100


Adequate amount of clean and fresh drinking water is very important for poultry. Usually broiler poultry birds drink more water than layer poultry. So along with quality 


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