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What nutritional needs for my adult dog ?

Adult dog diet

During adulthood, your dog must benefit from a diet that covers his carnivorous nutritional needs. Various disorders can appear during this period : overweight (nearly 40% of dogs), osteoarthritis

A dog is considered adult from 11 months to 9 years in small breeds, from 1 to 7 years in medium-sized breeds, and from 18 months to 5 years in large breeds.

Let’s not forget that a dog is a carnivore ! He needs a large amount of protein ! Animal protein intake provides an optimal coverage in all amino acids.

For neutered dogs or dogs predisposed to overweight, an ‘adapted’ food is recommended. With a high protein intake and a moderate energy intake, this type of food will help your dog maintain his ideal weight. Richer in fiber, it will promote the sensation of satiety in your dog.

An adequate intake of essential fatty acids will help ensure the shine and beauty of the coat. The joints of dogs can be highly solicited. The presence of chondroprotectors in the food can help protect joints. On top of this, controlling your dog’s weight can help limit the stresses of the joints.

Finally, a highly digestible food will have a beneficial effect on the quantity and quality of excrements (reduced volume, firm feces and reduced smell).

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