Toothbrush & Toothpaste cat

C.E.T.® Enzymatic Toothpastes

Dual-Enzyme System toothpaste helps prevent the build-up of dental plaque and tartar.

Different flavours are available

that are well accepted by pets and in turn make brushing easier.



Vanilla - Mint





  • Very palatable

    Acceptability rate.
    Available in different flavors

  • Easy-to-give
    • Can be used alone
      or with brush

    • Available in dental kit
      to ease first experience

    • No need to rinse

  • High quality

    Made in the US
    Quality certifications of
    manufacturing site

  • Science based

    CET Dual Enzyme System
    which is designed
    to inhibit plaque-forming

A full range of products

To serve at best your pet’s needs.

At Virbac, we believe that better

dental care is essential to your

pet’s overall health and wellness.

It’s why we’re on a mission to

clean every tooth.


Dental Chews cat
Toothbrush & Toothpaste cat
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  • Vet Aquadent® FR3SH®

    A palatable dental solution which helps maintain fresh breath and supports healthy teeth and gums by controlling plaque in cats.

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