Nutritional Advice

Feeding Your Sterilised Cat Properly

How do you feed your sterilised cat properly?

A Sterilised Cat is More Often Subject to Weight Gain

Sterilisation can predispose your cat to weight gain: the risk is twice as high compared to an unsterilised cat. This can be explained by hormonal changes which appear as a result of sterilisation and result in a reduction of energy needs as well as changes in feeding behaviour. And, if its food is not adjusted after sterilisation, its energy intake is likely to be higher than its expenditure and therefore result in weight gain.

Watch its Weight

Keeping your animal at its ideal weight can be a real challenge, but it is very important for its health and well-being. Veterinary experts agree that animals which are in shape live better and longer in good health. Weight gain and obesity increase your cat's risk of developing health problems and diseases: diabetes, joint disorders, cardio-respiratory difficulties, urinary disorders, etc.. It is therefore essential and necessary to adapt your cat's food as soon as it has been sterilised. Here you will find advice dedicated to sterilised cats. Ask your veterinarian for advice.


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