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Important Tips for Site Selection - To Start a Poultry Farm

Frequently poultry farmers ask some questions like where they can site their poultry farm; well the answer to this question depends on various factors like utilities, roads, topography, prevailing winds, existing buildings, neighbors, public areas, setbacks, and state and  government laws and regulations.

To make it simple following important tips are mentioned for Site Selection - To Start a Poultry Farm.

Tip-1 – The farmers should not purchase expensive land; always remember Economical / cost effective land must be planned for Poultry farm. Land in rural areas is always preferred over land in urban areas as they are very expensive.

Tip-2 –The farm shall not be located at least 100 meters from any major water drinking source and 500 meters from any other livestock / poultry farm enterprise.

Tip-3 – Land should be within vicinity of 40 to 50 km radius of market. To facilitate easy transportation of poultry feed, chicks and all inputs.

Tip-4 – The farm shall be located Minimum 1 km away from residential and industrial area to avoid noise and odor complaints.

Tip-5 – Farmer should not construct farm on main Road as too much noise of vehicles will create disturbance to your birds resulting stress and less output.

Tip-6 – Farm should be constructed where there is proper ventilation and greenery in the particular area.

Tip-7 – Ensure the availability of basic amenities like quality water & electricity supply preferably three phase.

Tip-8 – Ensure the availability of farm labors nearby.

Tip-9 Proper drainage / outlet for collection and discharge shall be provided for storm runoff / waste discharges (possibly explore the tenet of rain water harvesting).

Tip-10  Shall be located on a fairly raised and properly drained site not liable to flooding.

Tip-11  No obstruction shall be created for any water course within the farm or outside the farm boundary.

Tip-12  The location and design of the farm shall comply with the State Pollution Control Board

Tip-13  NOC (No Objection Certificate) from local authority is must before going further for construction

Tip-14  Once establish local District Deputy Director Animal Husbandry Officer Registration certificate is needed.

     When it’s about site selection above factors discussed should be considered. The site which satisfies all factors being considered would likely be the best choice.

Note- To set up poultry farm always take advice of professional veterinarian particularly those who are having relevant experience (Integrators / Animal Health Company Experts / Consultants)

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