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Problems of poultry improvement

From the ancient time poultry has been rearing in house with other bird and animals. Then poultry rearing was not so popular or important. Because the food supply was more than demand. But now the scene has changed. Population of the world is increasing rapidly. We need more and more food for this new people. For this reason poultry rearing and developing is very important. But there are some problems of poultry improvement which are described below.

Old concept

Some people think that poultry rearing is not a prestigious occupation. They take service or business as their occupation. As a result poultry rearing is not becoming popular.

Lack of Poultry Chicks

Due to lack of hybrid poultry this business is not popular in village area. Govt. and private farm of our country produce highest 10 million baby poultry per year. But the annual demand is more than 20 million. Importing from foreign country is very expensive and risky. So many govt. and private farm should established to keep this industry.

Insufficient Vaccine and Medicine

At present we have a great shortage of poultry vaccines. Many vaccine has to import from foreign country at very high cost. We have to produce vaccine and medicine in our country. Because poultry rearing is impossible without vaccine and medicine.

Lack of training

Knowledge about poultry breed, food, management, vaccine etc. are very poor to the people of our country. The government should train the new farmer, women and unemployed young generation. The new one can be inspired through training.

Lack of Loan Facility

Most of the people of our country are poor. Many people want to raise poultry but they can’t due to lack of capital. The government should give loan without any investment, where the interest will very low and terms and condition will be easy. This system can increase poultry business.


Transportation system in our country is very poor. So, we can’t start poultry farm where we want.


Poultry housing in our country is very low due to lack of capital and investment.


There is no easy method of poultry transportation and marketing. Almost all farmer sell their product through agent. Where this agent become more profitable than buyer and farmer. During transportation the bird can die or egg can broke which increase the rate of meat and egg. So, sell the poultry by considering accurate transportation method, grading, weight etc.

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